Optimised quality as well as transparency and traceability of our products are a daily practice within AUSTRIA JUICE.


We offer a very sophisticated quality philosophy as well as continued improvement of processes and quality of our products. These basics make it possible for us to produce to the highest quality standards.

To meet the high quality standards of our customers we, on the one hand perform self-audits, such as SGF (Sure Global Fair) and preventive hazard analysis such as HACCP on a regular basis as well as strict external certification on the other.

All production sites work to the usual standards such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practice (GHP). The procedures are according to international standards. In addition to this some production sites are certified according to the GSFI (Global Food Safety Initiative) approved systems.

The GFSI food safety standards are only valid for the corresponding production site and are therefore dependent on the location.

In addition there is the certification of products according to the organic criteria of the organic standards commissions LVA (AT-BIO-901) Lacon (DE-ÖKO-003) and Biokontroll Kft. (HU-ÖKO-01) as well as religious certifications such as Halal and Kosher.

More exact information concerning the quality standards are available here:

Quality, safety, sustainability and authenticity are criteria that are ever increasingly becoming one of the key and important factors for producers, trade and consumers. The voluntary membership SGF allows independent assurance and control of legal and industrial quality and safety standards to ensure that only prestine products reach the market. The inspection covers all stages of the fruit processing to the final product, thus ensuring the quality expectations of our customers.

AJ_AT SGF KROELLENDORF 2018 (pdf - 65.30 kB)
AJ_PL SGF LIPNIK 2019 (pdf - 1.10 MB)
AJ_PL SGF BIALOBRZEGI 2018 (pdf - 72.75 kB)
AJ_HU SGF HAJDUSAMSON 2018 (pdf - 979.73 kB)
AJ_HU SGF VASAROSNAMENY 2018 (pdf - 980.44 kB)
AJ_PL SGF GORA KALWARIA 2018 (pdf - 65.55 kB)
AJ_HU SGF ANARCS 2018 (pdf - 978.65 kB)
AJ_CN SGF XIANYANG 2018 (pdf - 977.33 kB)
AJ_PL SGF CHELM 2019 (pdf - 1.10 MB)
AJ_PL SGF BIALA RAWSKA 2019 (pdf - 1.10 MB)
AJ_HU SGF ERSEKHALMA 2017 (pdf - 931.47 kB)

ISO 22000 is a global harmonized food safety system for all companies in the food chain. The criteria for food safety are clearly specified in this certification, to be able to produce safe products for consumers.

The GFSI is an international association of food retailers and producers. In a so-called benchmarking process the guidelines for food safety certification are established, which then will be implemented by the standard owners (IFS Food FSSC22000, etc.).

Some AUSTRIA JUICE plants are certified according to the food safety standard FSSC 22000. This is an internationally recognized standard for ensuring food security, based on the requirements of the standards ISO 22000 and ISO / TS 22002-1. ISO 22000 is a global harmonized food safety system for all companies in the food chain. The criteria for food safety are clearly specified in this certification, to be able to produce safe products for consumers.

AJ_HU FSSC VASAROSNAMENY 2021 (pdf - 102.99 kB)
AJ_PL FSSC 22000 LIPNIK 2019 (pdf - 400.42 kB)
AJ_DE FSSC 22000 BINGEN 2019 (pdf - 169.46 kB)
AJ_HU FSSC 22000 ANARCS 2021 (pdf - 100.64 kB)
AJ_DE ISO 22000 BINGEN 2019 (pdf - 237.29 kB)

The IFS is one of the largest international food safety and quality standards worldwide and serves some of the AUSTRIA JUICE plants to ensure a high level of quality and flawless products.

AJ_AT IFS KROELLENDORF 2018 (pdf - 780.33 kB)
AJ_PL IFS CHELM 2019 (pdf - 132.34 kB)
AJ_PL IFS BIALA RAWSKA 2018 (pdf - 132.26 kB)

The basic principle of the HACCP concept is the systematic hazard analysis and control of hazards throughout the entire production and distribution channel with the primary aim to prevent health hazards even during the manufacture of the products. During the HACCP analysis health risks, which are physical, chemical or biological in nature are identified and preventive measures are being defined. It is now one of the most internationally recognized systems on food hygiene control and even required by law in the EU. The HACCP analysis is also an essential part of any GFSI certification (no IFS or FSSC22000 without HACCP).

AJ_CN HACCP XIANYANG 2020 (pdf - 354.90 kB)

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a professional association of British retailers. Certification to the BRC standard is also performed after the GFSI benchmarking in plants that deliver directly into the English market or on request from customers.

AJ_CN BRC XIANYANG 2018 (pdf - 587.30 kB)

Fundamental principle of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is the adherence to guidelines for quality assurance of production processes. AUSTRIA JUICE has installed systems in all plants according to GMP, to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and product quality.

The organic products of AUSTRIA JUICE group are regularly certified according to high standards for biological products of the Food Research Institute (AT-BIO-901), the German organic control body Lacon (DE-ECO-003) and the Hungarian organic control body (HU-ECO -01).

AJ_DE ORGANIC BINGEN 2019 (pdf - 164.81 kB)
AJ_PL ORGANIC CHELM 2018 (pdf - 610.47 kB)

Jewish dietary laws are religious law requirements governing the preparation and consumption of food and beverages. Under these rules, foods are divided into those that are allowed for human consumption ("kosher"), and foods that are not allowed for consumption ("non-kosher").
Our premises can be certified by a rabbi that the method of production of products meets these standards. The company then receives a (temporary) Kosher certificate.

AJ_AT KOSHER KROELLENDORF 2018 (pdf - 584.76 kB)
AJ_HU KOSHER 2019 (pdf - 88.36 kB)
AJ_CN KOSHER XIANYANG 2018 (pdf - 358.86 kB)
AJ_PL KOSHER BIALOBRZEGI 2019 (pdf - 167.47 kB)
AJ_PL KOSHER CHELM 2018 (pdf - 55.25 kB)
AJ_PL KOSHER LIPNIK 2019 (pdf - 259.10 kB)

The Code of Conduct generally includes ethical principles and guidelines, which are intended to serve all AUSTRIA JUICE employees as a fundamental activity orientation. The aim of the code of conduct is to avoid undesirable actions.

AJ_Code of Conduct (pdf - 1.86 MB)

Islamic dietary laws require that food and services are divided into those which are permitted under Islamic law ("Halal"), and those which are expressly forbidden ("Haram"). "Halal" thus represents the Islamic counterpart of the Jewish "Kosher".

Companies can take the opportunity with the “Halal” certification to bring goods and mainly food on the market that meet the Islamic religious laws. Usually, the Halal certificate is valid for 1 year.

AJ_CN HALAL XIANYANG 2019 (pdf - 396.34 kB)
AJ_PL HALAL LIPNIK 2018 (pdf - 513.63 kB)

Here you can download our current energy report of AUSTRIA JUICE Hungary Kft.:

AJ_HU ENERGY REPORT 2017 (pdf - 220.75 kB)