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Hard Lemonade (tin)

Hard Lemonade

Less alcohol and more flavour are the basic ingredients of this category. Inspired by Hard Seltzer, Hard Lemonade scores with a fruity taste and natural ingredients.

Hard Lemonade (tin)

A beverage concept for various consumer trends

Whether you're on holiday at home or by the sea, it doesn’t really matter if you have the right drink. No matter where the sun is shining and the water lapping in the background – with a fruity refreshment, that holiday feeling will come to you wherever you are.

At AUSTRIA JUICE we call it: summer, sun, cocktail time! We have responded to the
major trend for this summer and mixed our fruity drink compounds with delicious fruit
wine. The result is the new Hard Lemonade beverage category. Hard Lemonade
brings home that perfect summer flair – in a new, trendy and light variety.

As well as being low in alcohol, Hard Lemonade is also the answer to many current trends on the beverage market: it's low in alcohol, low in calories, low in sugar and therefore light and refreshing.

Combine the taste of a delicious lemonade with our fine fruit wine and create your Hard Lemonade product! Take advantage of the options offered by the AUSTRIA JUICE Group and perfect your product range – whether as a complete solution, as a ready-to-drink product or as your own beverage creation with the individual components of flavour, compound and fruit wine.

You can choose from the following flavours:

Hard Lemonade
- Lemon
- Strawberry
- Mango
- Cherry

Order the type you desire and write to us at sales@austriajuice.com


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