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Fruit Wine & Cider

Are fruity alcoholic beverages your business? Are you looking for high-quality fruit wines and bases? Do you want to generate added value with extraordinary flavours, extracts or compounds? 

If so, you should see how Austria Juice can serve your company on this informative page.


Refined by Nature

In addition to fully formulated, ready-to-fill products, our fruit wine can also be supplied in the form of standardised base wines for the customer’s own beverage creation or vinegar production. As individual as your requirements.


Consistently Convincing Quality

The perfect fruit wine creations by  Austria Juice are achieved through the controlled fermentation of selected as well as own high-quality raw materials and the special finish of our product experts. All year round fresh fruit wines just in time.

Thanks to many years of expertise and ongoing trend screenings, we offer our customers a diverse selection of fruit wines that leaves nothing to be desired.

Austria Juice Applications With Fruit Wine and Cider

Fruit Wine Punches

Fruit Wine Bases

Berry Wines

Base for Vinegars

Fruit Seccos

Fruit Wine Cocktails

Mulled Fruit Wines

Cider & Perry


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