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Functional Drinks

Increased mobility and stress in everyday life nourish the desire for products that contain all the substances your body needs to feel healthy, fit, well and efficient. Well-balanced diets, regular physical activity and critical approaches to food are becoming more and more the things consumers value.

Functional Drinks_Banner
Functional Drinks_Banner

Functional Drinks – The Health Elixir

The range of possible positioning ranges from detox and relaxation through mood and concentration-boosting to invigorating and immunity-enhancing.

The wide variety of functional product applications of Austria Juice enables you to offer the optimal product for the current situation and mood of your customer.

Whether through the use of high-quality ingredients such as Superfruits with antioxidant effects, flower extracts, natural vitamins from fruits, coconut water, fiber, minerals and proteins – the needs of different target groups can always be met!

No matter what specific ideas and wishes you have, our Austria Juice specialists in beverage and flavour development compose tailor-made products for you and your customers in close cooperation with you.

As a globally operating company in the beverage industry with many years of experience, we have broad knowledge of the different markets, trends and developments.

With our expertise and individual service we are sure to be your ideal partner when it comes to beverage solutions.


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