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Tea & Coffee Beverages

Tea and coffee drinks are very much in fashion, after undergoing a lively transformation in recent years. Cement the break from the tea party image and re-establish these classics as  a young and trendy product.

Trendy Tea & Coffee Solutions

Whether presented in a “craft style”, as a healthy refreshment or as an exclusive premium product,  there are a multitude of positioning possibilities.

There are virtually no limits to the refinement of tea and coffee drinks: flavours touching the senses, combined with fruit, functional ingredients and natural sweetening options such as honey, stevia and maple syrup. All of these factors invariably provide consumers with the perfect chance for indulgence.

Let us surprise you with the Austria Juice selection: pure cold brew coffee variants, fruity fusions, derivatives from the most diverse natural tea extracts or creative new flavours. A guaranteed taste experience for every target group and for every occasion.

No matter what specific ideas and wishes you have, our Austria Juice specialists in beverage and flavour development compose tailor-made products for you and your customers in close cooperation with you.

As a globally operating company in the beverage industry with many years of experience, we have broad knowledge of the different markets, trends and developments.

With our expertise and individual service we are sure to be your ideal partner when it comes to beverage solutions.


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