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Develop your portfolio with our innovative flavour and compound concepts for spirits.


Delicious, Creative, and Trendy Concepts For Spirits

Consumers have become more experimental and open-minded towards new flavours and flavour combinations. With our innovative flavour concepts, the flavoured spirits category is the perfect platform to take advantage of this trend and to reach a wider customer base.

Expand your portfolio with us and tap into new customer groups. From fruits over botanicals to spices,  we refine your spirits with in-house flavours, extracts and compounds that delight even the most experimental palate and compose your unique choice of flavours. Because for both you and us, good taste is the most important ingredient for success.

No matter what specific ideas and wishes you have, our Austria Juice specialists in beverage and flavour development compose tailor-made products for you and your customers in close cooperation with you.

As a globally operating company in the beverage industry with many years of experience, we have broad knowledge of the different markets, trends and developments.

With our expertise and individual service we are sure to be your ideal partner when it comes to beverage solutions.

Austria Juice Portfolio For Spirits


Natural Flavours

With our international flavourist competence and direct access to the best fruit raw materials, we offer the highest quality natural flavours.


Beverage Compounds

Our beverage compounds contain the highest-quality materials, including fruit, vitamin and mineral fortifiers.


Fruit Sweetness

Whether pure or as component of a beverage compound, our fruit sweetness products will put a smile on any customer’s face.


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