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The World Beverage Innovation Awards, in cooperation with BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, will be awarded outstanding achievements and exciting innovations in all areas of the global beverage industry. This award recognizes and highlights key developments in the industry of established companies and also in start-ups. We reveal who are the nominees this year!

World Beverage Innovation Awards 2019

The winners of the awards give directions to the current trends and innovations in the industry. The new pioneers of the beverage industry are eagerly awaited and will be announced on 13 November 2019 at a special award ceremony at the BrauBeviale in the Exhibition Center Nuremberg. AUSTRIA JUICE is also there - as a sponsor of the category "Best Beverage Ingredient".

250 companies of the global beverage industry will be present

Fact is: Anyone who is a winner or nominee at the World Beverage Innovation Awards can be assured that their brands and products are recognized by industry leaders worldwide! Around 250 companies from more than 35 countries participate in the World Beverage Innovation Awards every year. Increasing visibility of all participants and winners with their presence at the World Beverage Innovation Awards demonstrates the contribution that their products and their teams make to the global beverage industry.

17 top jurors rate outstanding achievements

The jury reads like the Who's Who of the industry. Among the 17 jurors are experts from all over the world, for example Rina Neoh, Managing Partner at SIMFx; Food & Beverage Data Analyst Thea Bourianne; Austin Kozman, R & D Director of External Innovation at PepsiCo; Jaclyn Bowen, Executive Director of Clean Label Project or Bryony Andrews, Senior Editor of FoodBev Media and many more. The long-standing expertise of the jurors is the basis for expertly assessing and selecting the best from the respective categories.

Awards in 24 categories

The 24 categories are very diverse and include both - alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, marketing concepts and designs as well as packaging and more. Each category is presented by its own sponsor - this year AUSTRIA JUICE sponsors the category "Best Beverage Ingredient"!

_World Beverage Innovation Awards 2019

Bryony Andrews, Senior Editor at FoodBev Media, says, "In a great year of beverage innovation, we saw a wide range of different categories in entries for the 17th annual World Beverage Innovation Awards. Brands are finding more and more creative ways to turn trends into reality, and once again, we've been impressed by the creativity. From technology to personalized nutrition, to new flavors, mergers and functions, the only unifying theme that we identified in all categories was the desire to offer consumers more choices.

These are the nominations in 2019 in the 24 categories:

Best alcohol drink
FJORDING – Fjording Nordic Cream Liqueur Hazelnut Caramel
Denomination – Uovo
Mallorca Distillery – Palma Gin
MORI – Gin & Pink Grapefruit Cocktail

Best beverage concept
LifeFuels – Smart Nutrition Bottle
Life Water – The Life Water Can
Danone – Evian (re)new
Earlybirds – Snacking Drink
ARDAGH GROUP – Funkin Cocktails
Hope & Sesame – Sesamemilk
Lýkke drinks – Lýkke sparkling infusion
Rock Grace
PUNCHY Drinks – 4% Vol & 0% Vol. Spiced Rum Punch
Liviko – Re-crafted Crafter`s

Best beverage ingredient
Innovfood – Nutrixin Peel Essences
Lipofoods a Lubrizol Company – CURCUSHINE microcapsules
SōRSE Technology – CBD ingredient supplier

Best bottle in glass
Mallorca Distillery – Palma Gin
Spirits of Virtue & A Northern Type – USKO
Ardagh Group – Allure Wein
O-I – Tequila Adictivo

Best branding or marketing campaign
Hendrick’s Gin – Portals to the Peculiar
Global Brands – All Shook Up Flamingo Colada
Pölöskei Syrup – Be There!

Best can/alubottle
ARDAGH GROUP – Jupiler’s ‘colder for longer’ embossed can
Life Water – The Life Water Can

Best carton/pouch
Tetra Pak – Tetra Recart
Liquid Intellect – Hydra Pak

Best closure
Aptar – Flip Lid
Vessl – Vessl

Best craft beer
Berentsens Brygghus – Cloudberry Imperial Gose
Jubel – Jubel Coast Beer
Wiper and True – Milk Shake Milk Stout

Best CSR or sustainability initiative
Jetwell GreenTech – Soilable Paper Straw
Brew Kombucha – Brew Kombucha
Life Water – The Life Water Can

Best dairy drink
Arla Foods – Arla Goodness
Biotiful Dairy – Strawberry Kefir
Inner Mongolia Yili – GuoGuoXi

Best environmentally-friendly packaging
ProAmpac & Nkd – Trek
Cardiff Group nv – Ecodraft reusable kegs
Garçon Wines – flat, sustainable wine bottle with game-changing transit case
AB InBev – PureDraught

Best functional drink
DoseBiome – qii
Beauty & Go – Beauty Sleep Shot
Iris Nova – Dirty Lemon +Retinol
Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson – COLLAB
Vahdam Teas – Tumeric Classic Latte Mix

Best hot beverage
The Hashtag Company – CANNACOFFEE
OFFBLAK – Down Time (Blueberry & Mint Herbal Tea)
Buckwheat Healthcare Products – BHP Nutraceutical Buckwheat Black Coffee

Best infusion or botanical drink
The Dulwich Spirits Company – Fatty’s Organic Pink Grapefruit
BIBITA – ACTIVE+ CBD Infused water
Rock Grace – Rock Grace
Fairy House – Seabuckthorn Enzyme

Best juice/juice drink
Tohi Ventures – Tohi
Lýkke drinks – Lýkke sparkling infusion
Fulfill Food & Beverages – Karuna Joy-D Juice
ALDI – exclusive Simply Nature Organic Coconut Water Pouches

Best low-or-no alcohol drink
Rock Grace – Rock Grace
TÖST Beverages – TÖST
Elegantly Spirited – STRYYK
Spirits of Virtue – Dochus
Genius Brewing – Gen!us Craft Lager

Best manufacturing/processing innovation
AB InBev – PureDraught
PepsiCo – Disruptive Dispenser
Serac – BluStream for caps

Best new brand/business
Jubel – Jubel Beer
Cardiff Group nv – Ecodraft reusable kegs
OFFBLAK – Generation T
Earlybirds – Snacking Drink
Hope & Sesame – Sesamemilk

Best packaging design/label
Garçon Wines – flat, sustainable wine bottle
Ecolean – GÜÜD fruit juices
ARDAGH GROUP – Jupiler’s ‘colder for longer’ embossed can
OFFBLAK – Generation T
O-I – Tequila Adictivo
Two Keys – Mixers
further information about packaging

Best plant-based drink
Three Trees – Organic Nut & Seed Milk
Good Hemp – Seed Milk
Hope & Sesame – Sesamemilk

Best premium/adult drink
Double Dutch Drinks – Pomegranate & Basil
Larkfire – Wild water for whisky
Spirits of Virtue – Dochus
Fairy House – Seabuckthorn Enzyme

Best sparkling drink
Lovely Fodder – Benefit Water
Lýkke drinks – Lýkke sparkling infusion
BIBITA – ACTIVE+ CBD Infused water
Jitterbug Life – Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Tonics

Best technology innovation
AB InBev – PureDraught
PepsiCo – Hydration Platform
Cardiff Group nv – Ecodraft reusable kegs
PepsiCo – Disruptive Dispenser

These were the top winners from 2018

It remains exciting until November 13, for whom the jury will decide!
The best in the industry were also thrilling in 2018 and impressed with innovative beverage packaging and marketing concepts. For example, LifeWater UK has been awarded as the "best water drink" for its sustainability-oriented and recyclability "Life Water Can": a can instead of plastic bottles!
Elopak won with its Pure-Pak-carton, with its natural brown cardboard the "Best Cardboard" award for its sustainable packaging - the legendary “Giebel” carton. Virtue Drinks did get the Best Sport / Energy Drink award for its brand, simple design and natural, ethical values with its Virtue Energy Water. These examples show that the jurors base their assessment on a number of factors, from brand to ingredients to sustainability.


The winners of the coveted awards will be awarded on 13 November 2019 at a special ceremony at the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg. AUSTRIA JUICE will sponsor the Best Beverage Ingredient category.
The World Beverage Innovation Awards ceremony is one of the most important industry's events worldwide. The winners give directions to the current trends and innovations in the beverage industry. It is clear: It's worth it!

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