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Beauty drinks: beauty from the glass


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Functional drinks have a targeted effect on body functions and the psyche - and parallel to these health boosters, another segment is created for beverage manufacturers: Beauty drinks help to beautify the skin, hair and nails, and some of them even make you slim!


In the age of individualization, all-encompassing self-optimization has become a great social value worldwide. The beauty industry is increasingly relying on the holistic beauty concept and on the idea that external beauty reflects a healthy body and a stable psyche. Beauty from the inside is not only synonymous with a beautiful character, but also describes how certain nutrients in the body help to make the appearance shine. The desire for eternal youth is also deeply anchored: to be equated with the desire for eternal life, it is probably as old as humanity itself.

According to Mintel, 45 percent of Chinese consumers say they are interested in beauty drinks from beverage manufacturers, and drinks with anti-aging effects are at the top of the hit list for consumers from Brazil: for 52 percent, more than half of those surveyed are in anti-aging drinks interested.

Health and beauty in resonance

It isn´t surprising that, in addition to drinks for more relaxation, better sleep, more concentration and energy, drinks to support beauty are now also conquering the market. After all, many influences on physical health also affect appearance. It's not for nothing that we often comment on a particularly positive, fresh and liberated appearance with the compliment "You look like you've been on vacation!"

Hydration makes you beautiful

Drinking enough water is also essential for a functioning digestion as well as for an alert consciousness and a stable circulation. And if you pay attention to good hydration in addition to a balanced diet, you can usually look forward to a slimmer and firmer figure and a more radiant complexion.

Euromonitor lists hydration as a key strategy for beauty drinks: It offers numerous advantages for appearance - especially for the skin. Good hydration is required to reduce acne, wrinkles, dull hair and brittle nails. A sufficiently hydrated body is also indispensable for digestive and other metabolic processes as well as for weight loss. The water bottle has established itself as a constant companion through the day, especially among younger generations: Globally, 77 percent of consumers say that drinking enough water is an extremely high priority for them in all health goals. Generation Z women have the largest share with 57.4 percent, followed by female Millennials with 56.9 percent, women of Generation X with 55.3 percent and female Baby Boomers with 52.3 percent. Men are slightly less aware of the need to drink enough water: 49 percent of Generation Z, 48.2 percent of Generation X, 51.6 percent of Millennials and 40.9 percent of Baby Boomers are represented here.

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From collagen to flavonoids: beauty booster to drink

With hydration as the basis, other ingredients can be added to beauty drinks, such as collagen as a top ingredient in beauty drinks, various vitamins and minerals, polyphenols and flavonoids from berries or apples, and antioxidants such as vitamin C from citrus fruits. Various antioxidants not only influence the strengthening of the immune system, but also bring different anti-aging effects for the body cells. “Beauty to drink” includes all effects that externally applied creams, masks or ampoules are unable to achieve.

Source: "Use juice superfoods to tap into edible beauty trend - To tap into the edible beauty trend, functional juice brands could look beyond collagen and market the credentials of existing beauty-boosting ingredients instead", Julia Buch, Mittel, November 2019

In addition to pure water with flavours, traditional teas, which promote a slim figure and also have detox effects, are particularly suitable as the basis for beauty drinks, as these properties also make them beauty boosters. The coffee manufacturer VitaCup even launched its own “beauty blend” with a collagen boost for beautiful skin, hair and nails. While coffee itself provides antioxidants, the infused coffee is not only provided with collagen, but also with biotin, cinnamon and vitamins. The perfect missing link for the daily feel good and beauty routine in the morning, what do you think?

Source: "Passport: Beauty as an emerging area of function beverages", Euromonitor, August 2019


Shining beauty thanks to superfoods

Superfoods are at the top of the list of ingredients for new beauty drinks and foods as they add flavour and valuable ingredients.

Ketogenic ingredients and fats still have superfood potential - including coconut oil or the fatty acids in peca or macadamia nuts. They are processed in the body differently than long-chain fatty acids, so they have interesting effects on health and can support weight loss and staying slim. Mintel also lists almonds, chia seeds, pomegranate, various berries, dark chocolate or cocoa, oat flakes, ginger, cinnamon, pumpkin and acai as superfoods for the future. Matcha, aronia and birch water are also increasingly found in the recipes of new beauty drinks.

Source: "The superfoods of the future - Local, sustainable foods or foods that offer new benefits have potential to thrive as next generation superfoods", Stephanie Mattucci, Mittel, October 2018


Beverage manufacturers can now take advantage of the trend towards edible and drinkable beauty. The ingredients in demand go far beyond collagen. In particular water-based and tea-based drinks with less sugar have great potential on the market, as good hydration is the basis for a fit, toned body, as well as for glowing skin, shiny hair and firm nails. By adding minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, e.g. from superfoods, beauty drinks can bring further anti-aging effects and support a fresh, shining appearance.

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