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Beer Mix - the traditional drink reinvents itself


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Beer is and remains a real institution as a beverage accompanying to hearty dishes and as a standard drink for chilled refreshment after a long day at work and on social occasions. The traditional drink is presented in a completely new look with mixed beer drinks.

Beer Mix beverages are conquering the market and are no longer limited to adding lemonade. The most popular flavours in the DACH region include lemon and lemonade, elderberry, lime, orange, grapefruit, raspberry, apple, herbs, ginger, mango, cola and berry mixes. The trend “Taste Experience” and the associated urge for unusual flavours have a strong influence on the beverage industry, so that consumers are looking for innovative tastes.
beer mix

Taking current trends and market developments into account, AUSTRIA JUICE develops fresh and interesting beverage concepts in the field of beer mix beverages.

In our blog post you will find further interesting information on the area of beer and beer mix beverages or have a look on our website

Here you will find our latest selection from our new portfolio, which is constantly being expanded:

  • Beer Mix - Rhubarb
  • Beer Mix - Raspberry Lemon
  • Beer Mix - Mojito
  • Beer Mix - Pink Pomelo
  • Beer Mix - Haskap Red Currant
  • Beer Mix - Tropical
  • Beer Mix - with Green Tea
  • Beer Mix - with Cider "Snakebite"
  • Beer Mix - with Herbal Extracts
  • Beer Mix - with Protein
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Beermix Rhubarb

Beermix Rhubarb (2)


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