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What´s coming next? Beverage Innovations at a glance


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What´s coming next? Beverage Innovations at a glance

“Mindful drinking” and “Clean Energy” slowly make their way into our beverage aisle. Those trends, developments and flavours will now accompany us. The emphasis lies on: Food and beverages should be produced ethically correct and they should promote our health and enhance our well-being.

Clean Label, Sustainability and the trend for food and beverages that support your health, enhance well-being and mostly consist of natural ingredients, have opened the doors for more innovations. Beverages of tomorrow have everything in one bottle – or in an environmentally friendly produced beverage carton. Beverages should now fulfil more functions than one. In the best case they are: recharging, nourishing, cleansing, refreshing, relaxing, supplying the body with enough liquid and of course they should be tasty.

Less meat? More nutrients!

Interesting in this case is also the new awareness for meat consumption:
66 percent of Non – Vegans and – Vegetarians state in a worldwide interview that they reduced their consumption of meat in the past year. Main reasons are improving health and ethical considerations including protecting our environment.
57 percent actively look out for food that supports their mental and also their physical health. 

When there is less meat consumed, other food items shift into focus in order to supply the body with enough energy and nutrients.

On the basis of these big developments, Euromonitor identified six big opportunities for innovations on the beverage market:

• Sustainable, plant – based and tasty products
More and more, milk alternatives are led by non – soy options for example produced from nuts, grains and pulses. They have a better structure and improved taste. Oatmilk which is rich in fibre and high-protein walnut milk are two ingredients which will gain value for vegan milk drinks.

• Refreshing, probiotic drinks for every day
The promotion of Kombucha also advanced the growth of another subcategory of probiotic, refreshing and fermented drinks: for example probiotic soft drinks, water kefir and vinegar. 50 percent of consumers worldwide bought a probiotic product in the prior year.
Quelle: „Top Trends 2019“, FMCG Gurus

• Beverages as substitute for meals
Meal replacement drinks as food supplements or for a complete nutrition are becoming the centre of innovations, especially high – protein or – carbohydrate beverages.

• Water for Children
Brands will further find opportunities to market still, carbonated and slightly flavoured beverages as an alternative to sugar - rich beverages for kids.

Fruits for health maintenance
Due to decreasing ready to drink – juice consumption, fruits and concentrated juices stay the main ingredients in small portioned functional drinks. Even fruits with herbs, vegetables, vinegar and other ingredients can be a mixture for new juices in order to promote our health.

• Beverages for relaxation and good sleep
Beverages are not only drunk to get energy, but also more often for recovery and good sleep. CBD – oil or Melatonin allows promising innovations in this section.

New ingredients: from CBD – oil to Ayurveda

Very interesting are in this context the ingredients CBD – oil, the Ayurvedic medicinal plant Tulsi/Holy Basil (Ashwagandha) as well as Lou Han Gou. A mixture of those ingredients can be filled as plant – based shots and tonics. Another upcoming trend is a plant – based ready to drink – product which closes the gap between food, beverage and food supplement. Further power ingredients like Manuka – honey, Maca, Ginseng and Maqui – berries are sources for success.

Private labels: Everything customized for the consumer

Nowadays, consumers expect that food and beverages are answers to their lifestyle and thus are able to fulfill their unique needs. According to Mintel, the key for Private Labels, is to find out what consumers really want.
On top of that, in Private Labels, the holistic approach of wellness gets a significant upwind. Consumers look out for products that put the emphasis on naturalness and authenticity, not on artificial and processed products. You can also see this trend in the increase of free from-products with natural ingredients of trademark - product launches in the whole world.

Conclusion: Beverage Innovations

The high demand of Clean Label – Products which do not only support your health physically and mentally but also consist of natural ingredients, put a focus on new ingredients for beverages. Due to the declining consumption of meat, beverages now increasingly have the function to supply the body with nutrients and vitamins. Beverages which are recharging, help with relaxation and support good sleep, are in high demand. Private Labels now have the opportunity to fulfill their consumers’ needs with unique and customized products.

Sustainability Report

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Cornelia KerschbaumerAuthor

Director of Marketing & Communication


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