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Fusion Taste - The blending of flavours and fruits of different places and cultures for trendy drinks and food products


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Global influences enrich our lives in virtually all segments. Cultures come closer together and rub off on each other. We have long since opened our eyes to foreign, unknown lifestyles and ways of thinking: in the search for individuality, consumers even look for the new and different. Of course, this trend, driven by the further networking of the world, will be particularly exciting on the level of culinary delights.

Kurkuma Latte

Experimental gourmets enjoy constantly re-popping exotic tastes and flavours from all over the world. The ever-increasing variety of possibilities of blending and flavouring inspires us at Austria Juice to create exceptional beverage compositions and surprising flavour creations. Whether by African influences, inspirations from Southeast Asia or ideas from the Arab world - the imagination of our developers knows almost no limits. The use of special, new flavours and fruits makes our products multifaceted and interesting.

Whether flavour combinations with lemongrass from Asia, coriander, matcha or tamarind or Arabic notes such as caraway, cardamom or zataar - the doors of fusion into harmonious and yet exciting products are always open.

Austria Juice Fusion Applications:

Discover the varied AUSTRIA JUICE portfolio of unusual, interesting and foreign drinks and flavours and be inspired by the world - whether with exotic soft drinks or delicious flavours.

Austria Juice Ideas for Innovation:

With wide-ranging ideas, Austria Juice provides new impulses for innovative beverage concepts.

From the exotic yuzu cola, to the warming masala chai aroma, the blending of coffee and fruit to a tasteful drink, a balanced pear and cardamom drink, an interesting mix of Tasmanian pepper and local blackberries, a mint flavour energy drink, a surprisingly combined lemonade from tomato and rhubarb to tingling tangerine cider.

About Austria Juice

With 15 production sites worldwide, Austria Juice GmbH is one of the most important global players in the food and beverage market. As a leading company in the industry, the Austria Juice Group has been characterized for decades by its expertise in the development of innovative beverage concepts and high-quality food & beverage ingredients. The broad product portfolio ranges from tailor-made beverage ingredients and all-in-one fruit wine applications to flavours and fruit juice concentrates.


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