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Hard Seltzer – the new lifestyle drink!


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The name is defined from the composition of the drink. “Seltzer” stands for sparkling water and “Hard” simply means that it contains alcohol.Hard Seltzer-1


More than ever, consumers are looking for refreshing products and alternatives to the established ones that meet their growing demands for a lean ingredient list and a healthier lifestyle.

The product category Hard Seltzer serves both the trend of conscious and reduced alcohol consumption and the trend towards individual refreshment. 

Since this lifestyle drink follows general consumer trends and doesn´t have a gender focus, it is equally popular with women and men. 
In addition, there are almost no limits to the variety of taste due to the large selection of high-quality flavours.

Curious for more? Get in touch with us and we are pleased to develop a tailor-made beverage according to your needs!

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Gerd DiefenthälerAuthor

Market Intelligence & Innovation Manager


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