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The motto for modern consumers is light, conscious and healthy: today natural foods and drinks also serve as support for everyday life. They are designed to strengthen the immune system, promote well-being, increase performance, contribute to relaxation and support digestion. This has created a market for new beverages. And: The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend!


A few years ago, drinks with the extra benefit for the body were reserved for the fitness studios: after training, a quick protein shake should reveal the muscles faster. Today we find bottles, cans and boxes with the special effect for health and beauty in almost all variants.
Today, drinks with the "additional plus" for body, psyche and well-being can already be bought in supermarkets, petrol station shops and company canteens. Instead of having toast with jam in the morning, consumers are now opting for health-promoting drinks: for example, they go for a green smoothie in the morning, and if they eat a sandwich at noon in the office, they will also have a probiotic yoghurt drink.

The Covid-19 pandemic has recently done its part to further develop the “healthy diet” trend: people are paying much more attention to their health, because a strong immune system is seen as an important factor in protecting against the potentially fatal virus. In addition, stress reduction and adequate sleep have also been shown to have a positive effect on a strong immune system. This change, caused by Corona, could actually manifest itself in the markets in a concrete value of $ 229 billion. Functional food and health-promoting beverages have experienced another global upswing due to the corona pandemic - and the trend towards the importance of healthy diet and health-promoting beverages continues to grow.

Source: "Future functional food and how to market them

Health-promoting drinks: drinks as new all-rounders

In general, the following exciting facts are certain:
• 43 percent of US consumers say they would try to eat healthy without following a strict diet
• Two-thirds of adults prefer foods that “promise a good source of vitamins and minerals”
• In the UK, 71 percent plan to change their diets sustainably since the corona pandemic
• 65 percent of US consumers want functional food with an effect which is immediately noticeable
• Almost half of consumers worldwide are aware of the “added value” in every respect: 40 percent expect functional food in the premium price segment

What kind of drinks are we talking about? Functional Food and health-promoting drinks are more than "healthy products" - they each offer a very specific benefit for health, well-being or beauty. For example, they specifically promote immune defense with certain ingredients; help relax; reduce stress and anxiety; support a good sleep; help you lose weight and detoxify; boost digestion; improve concentration and attention; promote eye health; strengthen skin, hair and nails and keep you young longer overall. It is important that the benefits are communicated clearly and appropriately.

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Health-promoting drinks for more attention and focus

Products that support concentration and focus are also popular in today's performance society, which is made possible by so-called adaptogens: This means natural substances that provide the body with new energy without being overstimulating. CBD, turmeric, ginseng, rose root and ashwagandha are at the top of the ingredients of the beverage manufacturers for health-promoting beverages.

The creations also attract attention: Today, for example, products can be found in which cold brew coffee is flavoured with fruit juice!

Source: "A year of innovation in juice & beverage concentrates, 2020 - Functional health boosts continue to inspire juice innovation, while more sophisticated alternatives for adults are gaining wider traction.", Mittel, Amrin Walji, February 2020

Immune boost through fruit juice

Among the fruit juices, claims for better immune defense and anti-aging effects lead the popularity range. Even before the corona situation, 63 percent of consumers had identified immune defense as a top benefit for food. Experts expect that this trend will soon be replaced by a new one: In the future, gastrointestinal health will be more the focus of beverage manufacturers for health-promoting beverages, because in Germany alone 54 percent of consumers are already actively looking for beverages that support their digestion. This can be achieved, for example, by actively adding fiber or probiotic agents.

Source: "A year of innovation in juice & beverage concentrates, 2020 - Functional health boosts continue to inspire juice innovation, while more sophisticated alternatives for adults are gaining wider traction.", Mittel, Amrin Walji, February 2020
"Future functional food and how to market them"


Drinks for beauty "from the inside"

Those who are slim generally not only live healthier, but are also considered more attractive - and modern consumers are now increasingly looking to optimize their appearance holistically. While both women and more and more men are being beautified by beauty docs and use injections or surgical interventions and sometimes have large sums of money for skin-rejuvenating creams in the shops, drinks should now also have optical anti-aging effects: collagen and vitamin C are additives , which consumers already associate with beauty products and which are supposed to contribute to the improvement of beauty. Collagen scores with a strengthening of the skin, hair and nails, and vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants that help slow down the aging process. Also polyphenols and flavonoids, which can be found in berries, reduce free radicals in the body, act like a fountain of youth and have a positive effect on beauty!
In China, beauty from the inside is already particularly popular: there, 45 percent of consumers state that they are interested in drinkable beauty ingredients. 72 percent of millennials see nutrition as an opportunity to improve their complexion.

Source: "A year of innovation in juice & beverage concentrates, 2020 - Functional health boosts continue to inspire juice innovation, while more sophisticated alternatives for adults are gaining wider traction.", Mittel, Amrin Walji, February 2020
"Future functional food and how to market them"

Water as a source of life

All of these effects - from slimming and staying slim to a healthy digestion with sufficient energy to a fresh, youthful appearance with a clear complexion and firm skin are promoted with a healthy diet above all by a "drink": water! It is one of the most important among health-promoting drinks. That is why water that is enriched with vitamins, minerals and other health boosters is experiencing an upswing: After all, good hydration of the body is the basis of good health with full energy!
Enriched with refreshing tastes, functional water is currently experiencing many innovations, and among the most exciting launches among health-promoting drinks are water with coffee and lemon flavour, sparkling water with living probiotics or sparkling water with caffeine, electrolytes and black cherry flavour; refreshing water with raspberry and rosemary flavour as well as "mood water" for a better mood or jasmine water, which should help with dry skin and wrinkles. In addition, other products came onto the market to help reduce the acidity in the body with pH value. What's next for healthy eating? It remains exciting!

Source: “A year of innovation in bottled water, 2020 - Functional health boosts are increasingly common, as alkaline waters expand in Asia and more brands attempt to improve their planet-friendly image”, Mintel, Amrin Walji, June 2020


While health and wellness have been major trends in the beverage market for years, the corona pandemic has further intensified and accelerated awareness of the healthy nutrition. Consumers are increasingly expecting the benefits of food and beverages for their health: This should have a concrete effect on the body or psyche, such as promoting concentration, supporting sleep, improving eye health, increase the digestion health, or improving the complexion. In the future, new ingredients - preferably of vegetable origin - such as polyphenols, flavonoids and adaptogens will be found even more in health-promoting beverages.

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