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Homemade is in demand


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Homemade jam, syrups and pickled vegetables according to granny's recipe experience a revival. DiY products arouse nostalgic feelings and meet exactly the consumers' great need for authentic, purely organic and natural products from the region. But food and drinks with the "homemade" label do not necessarily have to be "homemade"!

Homemade ist gefragt

Since the universe of bloggers and influencers for Food and DiY in all possible areas of life is getting bigger, a new - actually quite old trend from grandmas´ times is experiencing a rise: The DIY of products that are industrially manufactured and available in stores. The DiY trend ranges from cooking to home improvement to handicrafts such as knitting or crocheting. The Austrian Youtuber and influencer Lisa Sophie Stejskal has managed to become the most influential influencer in Austria with her craft channel on Youtube www.youtube.com/cutelifehacksde together with her blog myversion.com.

The DiY trend is unstoppable not only in crafts but, especially in the kitchen. Prime examples are jams, syrups and compotes, but also fermented vegetables in a glass, which today are not only made by grandma, but especially by young people at home with a lot of passion themselves. Scrolling through photo communities like Instagram and Pinterest, you will find an infinite amount and variety of creative recipes and images of sodas, smoothies or juices created and made in your own kitchen.

Pickled, from the garden

In the best case, the used ingredients come from own production: For example, the German blogger Marie Diederich (wurzelwerk.net) offers in a large online portal webinars and online courses all around the topic of boiling down. She presents herself naturally and in the gardener look and lets her readers and course participants take a look into her huge self-sufficient vegetable garden and her country kitchen.

Made with love and heart

The Viennese online beverage supplier liefererei.at relies on "personal room service" for juices, soups and snacks made from 100 percent organic and vegan products, "produced by hard-working, industrious small-scale producers with a lot of love", as stated on the website literally, and not for nothing, Craft Beer has been a constant hit in the beverage market for the last few years. In trendy restaurants, there are at least two "homemade lemonades" on every drinks menu. Classics include combinations of fruits, berries and herbs such as strawberry, ginger, basil, thyme or lemongrass.

"Brutally Local" as a new food trend

The food expert Hanni Rützler already announced in her Food Report 2015 that "DIY food" is on the rise: What was necessary for survival centuries ago is becoming a luxury today, which for Rützler reflects "the purest form of individualization". Rützler already promised that thereby the food market would change.
That's already happened today. Because Homemade also meets other trends in the global food and beverage industry: Homemade is Clean Label, you know "what's in it" and moreover, the ingredients are plant-based, organic and regional.


In her Food Report 2020, Rützler continues to elaborate on these components: For the Food Trends "Regional Cuisine", "Local Food", "New Local" and "Hyper Local" she points a climax, which she calls "Brutally Local": " The avant-garde relies on radical seasonality, wild food and fermentation, "writes Hanni Rützler in her latest report.

Packaging and design for an overall concept

When it comes to homemade products, it's not just the ingredients, their origin and the "pure" production of the product that are crucial for an authentic overall picture. Packaging and design also contribute to a harmonious overall feeling. On the one hand, they are reduced to the essentials and use a playful typography. The design usually also shows elements that look like self-made labels. In this style, for example, Grapos's Brooklyn "Homemade Style" product line also displays soft drinks reminiscent of homemade sodas. https://grapos.com/getraenke/brooklyn-homemade-style/ The lemonade can be put together by the customer at the dispensing facility in catering establishments to his own taste.

Conclusion "Homemade is in demand":

Consumers' longing for clean labels and authentically produced products is increasing, and it is one of the most important trends in the beverage market: Drinks now capture the hearts of consumers when their ingredients come from sustainable, organic and regional production.

Sustainability Report

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