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Soft Drink Trends 2019


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Healthy drinks that enhance well-being will remain the non-alcoholic drink winners this year. What else will determine the beverage market this year? An overview of the most important developments.

The consumer of today is demanding, critical, healthy and well informed. Read here, what this means for drinks manufacturers and which trends will accompany us this year:

Clean Label & Drinks for our health

The demand for drinks that support weight loss and the management of certain diseases or health issues continues to increase. These include allergies, intolerances, overweight, indigestion or non-balanced levels of cholesterol.

Clean label drinks and "free from" products, as described in detail in our Clean Label series, rank high on the beverage popularity scale. From low fat to sugar-free to gluten- and lactose-free, drinks will also score points in 2019, with the ingredients not included in the recipe. Artificial flavours as well as colourings and preservatives, should – same as too much sugar or calories - be avoided or reduced.
According to Mintel surveys, the UK has the largest community of sugar opponents: 59 percent of those polled decide not to buy soft drinks with sugar variants.

In contrast, ingredients such as vitamins and minerals are evaluated positively, as they have certain effects on the body and appearance.

Exciting: Some international manufacturers of probiotic drinks and food are already sending test kits to their consumers in order to enrich their drinks and food as customized food with "personalized probiotics"!

(Source: Mintel 2017 and 2018)

Robinsons Fruit Creations
Robinsons Fruit Creations promises real fruit in every drop without added sugar. (Image source: Mintel)

Yotoco focuses on sustainably produced, vegan drinks with the sugar substitute Panela with proteins and antioxidants.

Soft Drink Trends 2019

Drinks for mental well-being

Drinks should not only taste good and support the body, but in the best case also bring assets for mental health. In today's performance society, on the one hand, productivity and visible results have a high value, on the other hand, it becomes increasingly important how the performers of today remain efficient - and also find islands of relaxation in between. Drinks are designed to support optimum well-being by helping to reduce stress and anxiety and to strengthen focus.

Stress reduction from the can, is that possible? Ingredients such as hemp or ginger have a calming effect and should also improve the emotional wellbeing in beverages and contribute to relaxation. Matcha is considered superfood and is said to naturally boost the ability to concentrate.

The herbal-based drink Snoooze under the slogan "Sleep yourself happy" helps to promote natural sleep. In addition, Snoooze should support the slim line and weight loss.

Snoooze - the natural sleep drink

Drinks for more youth and beauty

At the same time, drinks should now meet the highest possible standards of naturally improving beauty and stimulating anti-aging processes. According to the Global Data consumer survey Q1 2016, 63 percent of consumers are interested in probiotic products, 70 percent in products containing antioxidants or superfoods, and 70 percent in fresh or raw products with beauty benefits. Which ingredients are suitable for such all-round functional drinks? Among other things, the leaf green chlorophyll, aloe vera, hemp, vinegar, mushrooms, high-quality oils, matcha or ginger.

The implementation in products is diversified and sometimes impressive: A bottle of "Suja Organic Drinking Vinegar" for instance is said to be filled with four million probiotic substances that support digestion and anti-aging processes to get started. Another drink from the London start-up Bella Berry is in the spirit of beauty: "bella berry super fruity beauty drink" - beauty from the bottle thanks to berry extracts and natural collagen. Depending on the variety, bioactive Beauty & Go drinks promise skin vitality, skin renewal, skin detox or skin brilliance, including vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, hyaluronic acid, zinc and collagen. The ingredients include superfood spirulina, artichoke, pineapple, melon extract, apple, tangerine, mango, aloe vera, red grape or pomegranate.

Bella Berry
Bella Berry: Beautiful with berry extracts and collagen! (Image source: Mintel)

Beauty & Go

The fruity Beauty & Go offer drinks in four flavours and for different beauty effects. (Image source: Mintel)

Keep it simple & clear

While ingredients like these can clearly convince consumers today, the big challenge for the beverage industry is that 44 percent of consumers find information about healthy drinks and foods to be contradictory and confusing. Simplicity, transparency and trust-building are becoming more important - and with it the labelling of drinks: according to the Global Data 2015 consumer survey, 37 percent of consumers in soft drinks pay attention to the labelling of the ingredients.

Source: GlobalData 2015 consumer survey

2019 Soft Drink Trends

All organic with the power of plants

All of these strong trends reflect one of the most significant developments: plant-based products remain the undisputed favorites on the supermarket shelves. And not only because of their specific potency, but also because of their botanical nature per se. In addition, food and beverage manufacturers still have far-reaching potential to provide food and drinks with more fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, spices, herbs and plant substances to enrich. Finally, 69 percent of consumers in the UK are interested in ways to easily integrate as many vegetables as possible into the diet! 46 percent of adult Americans already rate vegetable protein as higher-quality than animal. For example, mushrooms or hemp are plant sources of high quality protein.
Due to the continuing hype for purely organic drinks, manufacturers of energy drinks in particular have to rethink the composition of their recipes - after all, this market is still growing and growing!

The herbal Hemp2O is enriched with B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids and relies on the power of hemp - from hemp oil. With zero calories!

(Source: Ipsos Observer/Mintel)

More likes with dynamic colours

Social media communities and the food blogger universe are focusing their attention on another success criterion for beverages with drinks: their look. While the textures of the Beverages were particularly emphasized in product development in 2018, according to Mintel in 2019, it will be the colours that will generate new likes in the social media. In 2018, especially blue colours were replaced by natural pigments of for example spirulina. In 2019 the drinks will be poured into the glasses in even stronger and more dynamic colours - certainly also in the Pantone trend colour 2019 Living Coral.


The megatrend “health” accompanies us in 2019 in the beverage market. Health becomes holistic - what is good for the body, should also promote mental health. Clean Label and "free from" drinks are winners on the popularity scale. Especially if they are made from powerful plant-based ingredients that create effects for health, well-being and beauty due to antioxidants, vitamins or other active ingredients. Through social media and the growing food blogger scene, the look of beverage and packaging is becoming more and more the decisive factor for bubbling profits. Dynamic colours play a big role this year.

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