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Sugar-reduced concentrates: 100 % fruit, 30 % less calories


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Being one of the most important suppliers in the global food and beverage market, AUSTRIA JUICE offers a broad product portfolio from finest ftnf flavours to juices and services like beverage development and compounding. To be able to serve consumers needs for natural, sugar reduced product concepts AUSTRIA JUICE is intensively dedicated to research into sugar reduced juices.

Calorie reduced drinks are increasingly reaching the top of the popularity rankings. While just a few years ago people did not worry about an overly sweet diet, the excessive consumption of sugary products is almost frowned upon today. The WHO recommends consuming a maximum of five to ten percent of the daily calories in the form of sugar. Health-conscious consumers know this and therefore forego the overly sweet taste.

52 percent of juice consumers in Germany say that they reduced their juice consumption due to concerns about sugar. That’s a clear statement for fruit juice manufacturers to deal with the issues of sugar reduction and product development towards nutritional optimization in juices.


It is becoming apparent that the general trend towards sugar reduction will also lead to an increased need for generally less sweet taste profiles in the long term and that this represents an opportunity for fruit and vegetable juices. AUSTRIA JUICE has recognized the market potential in this segment as well and has expanded its product portfolio with vegetable juice concentrates.

In addition to combining different juices, the fruit juice industry is also dealing with technological innovations to reduce natural sugar and sweetness from 100 percent fruit juices without negatively affecting the other nutritional values and positive properties. According to Mintel, enabled by technology, sugar reduction in 100 percent juices will reach new heights over the next decade. Keeping the positive properties of a juice while reducing sugar can be crucial for consumers` purchase decision. For example, 70 percent of global consumers say that they have made improvements to their diets over the last 12 months to improve their immune health. Within these improvements the consumers mainly focus on sugar reduction (66%), an increased intake of vitamins (58%) and a reduced intake of additives (65%). All these requirements perfectly fit for juice blends from fruit and vegetable juices as well as sugar reduced juices.

AUSTRIA JUICE is dedicated to the research of sugar-reduced fruit juices, without artificial ingredients and without impairing the health-promoting properties of our high-quality juices.

Our latest development in 100 percent juices: 100 percent fruit with only 70 percent calories. Therefore, a biological-physical process is used to reduce the sugar content of juices by 30 percent, while remaining a 100% juice. The sugar reduced juice concentrates in the portfolio are apple and orange. In comparison to the classic juices these show comparable contents of minerals, trace elements as well as polyphenols.

In times of Nutri-Score and other labelling systems for nutritional values the advantage of launching an 100 percent apple drink using a sugar reduced juice concentrate is obvious when comparing it to a 100 percent apple juice: fewer calories and a Nutri Score improving from C to B.


Apple juice from concentrate 100%

Apple drink from sugar reduced apple juice from concentrate 100%


44 kcal/100ml


30 kcal/100ml


10 g/100ml


6,5 g/100ml





Nutri-Score Colour


Nutri-Score Colour

Light Green

Nutri-Score calculations done with: "Outil calcul", version of 27.10.2020

At AUSTRIA JUICE we always strive for the realization of the best possible up to date product solution. As the know-how is bundled in one source – from market research to the beverage concept, from fruit growing to the finished recipe and ingredient supply – we offer our customers the best possible support for their diverse projects.

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Gerd DiefenthälerAuthor

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