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The top trends 2020 on the beverage market


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The new year is upon us: exciting developments in the industry await us again! The big buzzwords are Health, Wellness and Mindfulness and will continue to set the tone, which will trigger further new trends. Which are these? We have summarized the most important trends for 2020 in the beverage market.

1. Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing have never been so high on the global value hierarchy of consumers. In the years between 2013 and 2018, according to Euromonitor, the proportion of packaged products with a focus on health and wellness has grown by 1.8 % globally each year. Currently, the share of health products is already about 20 %. However, experts from Euromonitor expect the market to grow even faster in the coming years!

Basically, however, people are looking for sustainable solutions that support them in changing their lifestyle. But fast results are not required. Drinks can have different health benefits: they can be energizing or relaxing, improve concentration and memory, or help with weight loss and digestion. According to the Beverage Trends by Mintel (Dora Szarvasi 2019), products with detoxifying effects will also be available more and more in retail in the future.

2. Individualization

Individualization is one of the most important megatrends identified by futurologist Matthias Horx. Megatrends are therefore large, superordinate and global developments that are responsible for many further developments. In addition to the health trend, the megatrend of individualization is increasingly becoming noticeable in the food and beverage industry, above all in connection with the rising demand for functional food and personal nutrition. In the "Consumer Trends 2030" report from Mintel, the authors describe, among other things, the trend for personalized wellness and nutrition: DNA test kits for home are becoming popular in order to tailor foods and drinks as well as other products individually and tailor-made to one's own body. The benefits of "blood-based solutions" in the areas of beauty, drinks and nutrition should soon not be extraordinary but standard.

individualization_The top trends 2020 on the beverage market

3. Experience

Driven by technological developments and the proliferation of versatile content on social media, there is also a thirst for new experiences. Today people not only want to get to know and live their own lives in all their facets, they also want to gain full experience. For the food and beverage industry this means that consumers are looking for new taste sensations through aroma combinations and textures, for example through innovative food pairing. Packaging and design may look extraordinary!

4. Green and clean

Products with “Free from” labelling have established itself as the category with the most dynamic growth in the health and wellness sector: Food and drinks are increasingly in demand if they don´t contain certain ingredients. For example, sweetness and chemical additives such as flavour enhancers or colourants!

Read more about Clean Label here.

5. Sustainable packaging

Indeed, the need for "green" and "clean" foods actually extends all the way to the packaging: food expert Hanni Rützler calls "Beyond Plastic" the main topic in 2020, which is about finding alternative solutions for plastic packaging. The concepts range from sustainable packaging, like cartons to packaging-free systems.

bottles_sustainability_Clean Label_The top trends 2020 on the beverage market2

6. Premium is King

Across all sectors, a paradigm shift is noticeable. Consumers are redefining values by seeing products from a new perspective, which is: what effect does it have on myself and on the world when I buy a particular product? Due to the great trends of mindfulness and minimalism, in the future more emphasis should be placed on "inner journeys" than on "external appearances". This also means that the market for luxury and premium products is rising, as they stand for higher quality and longevity and sustainability.

7. Snack Society

And once again, a megatrend is influencing the food and beverage industry. New work means that working hours become more flexible and people work virtually and without a presence in different teams. In addition, more and more people live alone. These changes in the world of work but also in society lead to a change in eating habits. Instead of consuming main meals three times a day, today we are living in the age of snacking: mini-meals replace traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks are also becoming increasingly important, for example when it comes to healthy and filling smoothies or yoghurt drinks. Important: The new snacks have to be "fast" but not "junk"!

8. A heart for plant-based

While meat and other animal products were indispensable to the daily nutrition plan just a few years ago, vegetables, cereals, legumes and even fruits have become the new leading products, Hanni Rützler writes in her Food Report 2020. In the years before, it has already become apparent that the rise of plant-based, and best of all, organic food is unstoppable.

Due to climate change, but also in the face of mass animal husbandry and the need for "peace food" and "soul food", plant-based foods and ingredients are the better choice.

CONCLUSION The top trends 2020 in the beverage market:

The wellness and health boom remains the strongest driving factor for future developments in the beverage industry. As a result, consumers are becoming more critical and aware of the ingredients of foods and drinks they consume on a daily basis. Drinks are best served in a number of ways: In addition to an exceptional taste experience, natural ingredients and balanced nutritional values, the environmental friendliness of packaging, sustainable production and the added value of functional food are becoming increasingly important.


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