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Treasures of Nature- The ingredient for that certain something in food and drinks


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Spices, herbs, flowers or roots - they all make our food and drinks multi-faceted, give them a special twist or enhance the products from a nutritional point of view. We experience the word "botanicals" more and more often when it comes to the certain something in food products. From the established vanilla in pudding, ice cream, biscuits or shakes to the popular ginger in tea, cold drinks or biscuits to rosemary in chips, meat dishes or dips.

Spice powder, essential oils and extracts give the products a special, complex taste and enrich them with mouthfeel and fullness. Tart notes, floral tones or grassy nuances lead to a certain twist of taste. The plant substances are also able to awaken memories. Be it the familiar combination of cloves and cinnamon at Christmas, or a summer feeling evoked by the taste of elderflowers.

Also for body and mind, botanicals give us a clear advantage. The essential rose oil obtained from rose blossoms has a relaxing, mood-enhancing and analgesic effect. Lavandin oil has a calming, analgesic and disinfecting effect. Thymol, a secondary phytochemical ingredient derived from thyme oil, is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The extract obtained from the needles of the rosemary shrub is characterized, among other things, by its anticonvulsant and wound-healing effect - to mention only some of the beneficial effects of botanical ingredients.

Drink with Lavender and Raspberries

Above all, the addition of botanicals highlights the character of each individual product. Austria Juice has a variety of herbal treasures in its portfolio, whether as flavour, extract or as part of a beverage compound to continue to design multi-faceted products. Whatever taste twist or health-promoting effect you have in mind, the world of plants with their aromatic ingredients knows almost no limits.

Austria Juice Treasures of Nature Applications:

AUSTRIA JUICE offers a wide range of the popular "Treasures of Nature" for that special something in a wide range of applications, such as near waters, syrups, lemonades or even ciders.

Austria Juice Ideas for Innovations:

Refreshment, unique taste and that little extra come together in our Treasure of Nature applications. Convince yourself by our exciting products with the Botanical Twist:

From herbal near water with sage flavour, to an unusual rosehip-juniper lemonade, a delicious strawberry-basil syrup, a refreshing lemon-ginger soft drink, a harmonious pear-cardamom drink, an exciting combination of apple, quince and clove, lovely lavender syrup, spicy mango-jalapeno cider, a taste explosion from cucumber lime and mint to a refreshment from grapefruit with pecan nut.

About Austria Juice

With 15 production sites worldwide, Austria Juice GmbH is one of the most important global players in the food and beverage market. As a leading company in the industry, the Austria Juice Group has been characterized for decades by its expertise in the development of innovative beverage concepts and high-quality food & beverage ingredients. The broad product portfolio ranges from tailor-made beverage ingredients and all-in-one fruit wine applications to flavours and fruit juice concentrates.


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