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Careers at
Austria Juice

You are looking for an exciting career in a rapidly growing industry? Then AUSTRIA JUICE may be the perfect employer for you. Read on to find out everything you need to know about working at our refreshingly innovative company!



Excited to grow your career?

We value people, who share our passion for great taste, strive for success and are eager to continuously grow. If you are looking for your next career move and are keen on taking on new professional challenges, then AUSTRIA JUICE could be the perfect employer for you!

Find all open job postings at our sites here. We are looking forward to receiving your application via the AGRANA Group job portal:

Unsolicited Application

We are pleased that you are interested in our company and want to become part of the AUSTRIA JUICE team.

If there is currently no suitable vacancy advertised, feel free to share your unsolicited application with us.

You can send us your application documents via the AGRANA Group job portal using the following link:


Unsolicited Application for Austria

Unsolicited Application for Germany


Motivated and committed colleagues are always welcome at AUSTRIA JUICE! We will be happy to contact you as soon as a suitable position arises.



„At AUSTRIA JUICE, we recognize that our employees are an essential factor for our business success. Therefore, we are committed to make AUSTRIA JUICE a great place to work, where all our employees feel comfortable, are motivated and passionate about what they do. “

- Franz Ennser, CEO

Our HR Philosophy


The working- and leadership-style at Austria Juice is shaped by mutual trust! Our employees act in greatest possible self-responsibility and take autonomous decisions in their daily working life, which are crucial for the development of our company. Due to the foundation of trust, our employees face perfect conditions that foster the development of their personality and their competencies.

Open cooperation & communication

We encourage open cooperation and communication across the entire company! Our employees can travel beyond their department-specific horizon and benefit from the constant exchange of information and the transparency within the company.

Say-Do Ratio

We mean what we say and act so! Our employees keep to agreements, meet deadlines and convince with their reliability and their handshake quality.  


Our Social Responsibility


We are obliged to leave a better social and ecological environment to future generations! In our “Code of Conduct we commit ourselves to responsibility towards humans and nature. In the name of sustainability, we take responsibility to act legally and ethically in each of our business activities.


We live diversity in our daily business! We understand differences in age, gender, sexual orientation, political opinion, origin or skin colour as enrichment and as a chance, to answer questions for Austria Juice in future. We stand for a cooperative, tolerant and mutually appreciating company culture, which offers equal chances and possibilities to all individuals.

Work-life balance

Our employees have a right of access to a needs-oriented balance between working-life and private-life! Due to various living situations (age, marital status, children, relatives in need of care, etc.), the desires and requirements of employees towards Austria Juice differ significantly. What counts for us as an employer is to address these individual needs and to create satisfying solutions.

By implementing a home office policy, flexible part-time working contracts and flexitime, we’ve already taken important steps towards work-life balance. In future, we striving to improve our services in this field continuously in order to offer our employees even more flexibility.

As a Joint-Venture of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG we are also an active partner of Unternehmen für Familien” . Hereby, we aim to promote family-friendliness in our own sphere of responsibility and want to be a role model and motivator for others.


Our Offer

Your Benefits

Austria Juice provides its employees a comprehensive offer of general and individual services. Due to the various living circumstances, the needs and desires of people are very different. Depending on the individual demand of employees, they can benefit from the following services available:

Appropriate & fair payment

Providing an appropriate and fair payment is a crucial way in order to show recognition to our employees. Hereby, Austria Juice appreciates the work of our employees and their contribution to our mutual success.

Austria Juice offers a salary system, which is transparent and consistent across all our locations and furthermore enables flexibility to agree on salaries that take individual performance into account.

The Variable Bonus System of Austria Juice sets a signal for entrepreneurial spirit and acting among our employees. Measured by individual targets, the contribution of each employee gains in importance and is honoured fairly.

Flexible part-time contracts & flextime

Thanks to our flexitime models, our employees can organise their working time flexible and situational. This, for example, enables our employees to take their children to school before work, to avoid the daily rush hour or to manage workload peaks.

Home Office

Our home-office regulation brings further flexibility to our employees by offering the opportunity to do their job from their home, one day a week.

Kindergarden Opportunity at Various Austria Juice Locations

Our working parents have the opportunity to benefit from a kindergarden at various Austria Juice locations.

Development programs & Trainings

Highly qualified employees who act autonomously are the most crucial success factor for Austria Juice! Whether promising high-potential or professional with several years of experience – the concept of “Lifelong Learning“ is top priority for us. We invest in the competencies and know-how of our employees in all departments and at all functional levels. We offer various training and development possibilities, such as:

  • Austria Juice Sales Curriculum
  • Sales Leadership Training
  • Coaching
  • PCM-Profile
  • Language Courses
  • Courses for communication and presentation techniques
  • Software training

Additionally, we enable our employees to participate in congresses, symposia or expert-conferences in order to keep their knowledge up to date. This supports our employees in developing state-of-the-art solutions and in contributing to the success of our company.

Austria Juice employees on average spend 20 hours per year in development programs and trainings. In future, we plan to invest even more in the qualifications of our employees by increasing the budget for personnel development by 20% until 2020.


Austria Juice is a globally acting company. Therefore, our employees benefit from collaborating in international teams. Our employees get to know and appreciate different working methods and attitudes of other cultures. Furthermore, our internationality offers the perfect environment to apply foreign languages and to improve your skills.

Career Breaks

At Austria Juice, requests regarding career breaks are understood and listened to. We interpret this service as an investment in the potential and motivation of our employees. Taking into account the interests of employees and of the employer, we create sustainable win–win situations.

After their break, our employees return relaxed, strengthened and full of energy. By taking a step back from daily working life they rediscover their creativity and return with new and innovative ideas to our organisation.

Additionally, most of our employees participate in education programmes or develop their capabilities in course of their sabbatical, helping them emerge as an added value for Austria Juice afterwards. Therefore, we encourage our employees to take part in subject-specific training, to gain experience abroad or to learn foreign languages.


Your Career Options


Do you want to give your professional career a new direction and you are motivated to face new challenges? Do you possess comprehensive professional experience and expert knowledge, and you are willing to apply them to bring yourself and others further?

In this case, Austria Juice is the perfect place for your lateral entry! Our company offers a working environment where your competencies, your feedback and your ideas are strongly in demand. Whether specialist career or management career on a national or international level – we offer various development opportunities and long-term perspectives.

All vacant positions for professionals can be found under the section "vacancies".


Career starters / Graduates

Have you finished secondary school (commercial or technical) or graduated from university in the areas of Business/Natural Sciences/ Technics? Are you struggling to wait any longer to apply your theoretical know-how proactively in professional practice?

In this case, you should take advantage of the promising opportunities for career starters at Austria Juice! At our company, young and motivated professionals quickly take on responsibility and use their initiative, and face great chances for development. Moreover, our various training possibilities guarantee that your talents continuously improving, so you keep on learning beyond your school or university education.

You can find all vacant positions for career starters and graduates under the section "vacancies".

Career starters  Graduates-1

Internships and final degree thesis

Are you currently going to school or studying at university and want to gain first-hand professional experience?

At Austria Juice we offer periodical internships where you can get to know working life and have the opportunity to apply theory to practice. Our internships are mainly available in the summer months, from June to September. However, you can also do an internship beyond that time.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to write their final degree thesis (PHD, Magister, Master, Bachelor) in cooperation with Austria Juice. Please note, that Austria Juice itself does not announce topics. Hence, interested students should come up with a specific proposed topic and contact the responsible “HR Manager”.

All vacant positions for internship can be found under the section "vacancies".


Our Job Profiles


In the area of production (the 3-shift-operation model), you will be working in different functions, such as:

  • Production of fruit juice concentrates
  • Mixing of products according to recipe formulas
  • Filling
  • Commissioning
  • Warehouse
  • Loading and unloading of tanker trucks and lorries
  • Maintenance
New Product Development

As a part of our NPD team, you are responsible for the continuous development and improvement of our product portfolio. You will create new innovative products in the areas of beverage compounds, flavours, fruit wine, NFC-juice, fruit sweetness and fruit juice concentrates.

Quality Management & Assurance
In the Quality Management team, you ensure customer satisfaction. By cooperating closely with other business departments, you guarantee that the high-quality standards of Austria Juice are met. 

In Purchasing your main task is to procure raw materials and services to competitive terms and conditions. Therefore, you create flexible purchasing strategies, in order to being well prepared for different market scenarios.

In the area of Sales, you cooperate closely with other business departments (Procurement, New Product Development) and you are the direct interface to our customers. Based on strategic company goals you create sales plans and realise them. Additionally, you serve our existing customers and you are responsible for developing new markets.

In the Marketing team you will create strategic plans (Marketing-Mix) in order to secure and increase the market share of Austria Juice. The company’s external appearance (Corporate Identity, advertising, fairs & events and online appearance), customer-management and market research are further operational fields in Marketing.

Logistics & Transports

From procurement of our raw materials to customer supply – in the area of Logistics it is your job to manage and optimise all processes along our value chain.

Tax & Accounting

Accounting is where you record all business transactions, taking into account both local accounting standards and IFRS. A monthly closing, including a balance sheet and an income statement, is prepared as the basis for further management-level reporting.


In the Controlling department you continuously analyse and explain the business KPIs of Austria Juice. Hereby you determine potentials for improvement, which will be realised in succeeding steps.

Treasury Legal & Shareholder Administration

As a part of our Treasury team, you will safeguard our company’s assets. You will be involved in the continuous improvement of the group’s financing arrangements and attempt to identify financial risks comprehensively at an early stage in order to avoid these by means of suitable risk mitigation steps.

Information Technology

Our wide-ranging business processes are organised in various digital information systems. In the IT-department, it is your responsibility to implement and manage those systems and to support and train our staff in the use of those tools.

Human Resources

In the HR department, you are responsible for the concerns and issues of Austria Juice employees. Furthermore, you are sparring partner for the board and for managers concerning all HR-topics and you create initiatives for a modern balance of interest between employees and employer. Recruiting, personnel development and training, as well as contract and salary management are some of the numerous tasks in HR.



What do we expect from our candidates?

Each position requires different experience, qualification and personality of candidates. All these factors play a role when decisions concerning a job opening are made.

Notwithstanding the above-mentioned factors, we expect full commitment and motivation from each of our employees. Moreover, potential candidates should suit our “HR Culture” and the values we stand for. Operating in the international business-to-business sector, our employees should be market- and customer-orientated as well as open towards other cultures.

What does an ideal application look like and which documents have to be included?

In order to leave a positive first impression on our recruiters, you should make sure that your application is complete and well-designed. A complete application consists of your curriculum vitae, relevant references as well as school reports, and a motivation letter that explains the reasons why you apply for a job at Austria Juice.

How should applications be submitted?
  • Applications for positions in Austria

Applications for Austrian positions should be submitted by our Recruiting Assistant. This offers several benefits. As we can process electronic applications much quicker, your waiting time for our response is significantly shorter. Additionally, you can update your submitted application documents via Recruiting Assistant permanently and you can apply, if necessary, for further open positions.

If no other option is available, we also accept application documents via email and or mail in exceptional cases. However, due to data protection regulations, we require your explicit written consent that we are allowed to save and to process your personal data.

  • Application documents for positions outside Austria
Applications for positions outside Austria should be submitted via email or mail to the “HR Manager” of the respective country. Due to data protection regulations, we require your explicit written consent that we are allowed to save and to process your personal data.
How does the application process work?

After we received your application, our responsible HR Manager reviews your documents in detail. We will answer all applicants – please be aware that it can last up to two or three weeks until you receive a message from us. After this first pre-selection, interesting candidates are invited for a first job interview. Depending on the type of the open position a second interview, a presentation that will be created by you in advance or a one-day-work-trial in your future department might follow.

Will unsolicited applications be taken into account?

In general, all job openings at Austria Juice are posted, as transparency is very important for us. Even though your unsolicited application will be considered for any vacancies, we highly recommend you to apply for a specific open position to show us your clear professional interest on available positions. If you are not sure whether an open job matches your profile or not, we would be happy to help you.

We are pleased that you are interested in our company and want to become part of the AUSTRIA JUICE team.

If there is currently no suitable vacancy advertised, feel free to share your unsolicited application with us.

You can send us your application documents via the AGRANA Group job portal using the following link:


Unsolicited Application for Austria

Unsolicited Application for Germany


Motivated and committed colleagues are always welcome at AUSTRIA JUICE! We will be happy to contact you as soon as a suitable position arises.


Does Austria Juice offer internships?
Yes, at Austria Juice you have the possibility to do an “internship” . They are mainly available in summertime. However, it is also possible to work as an intern beyond this time.
Is it possible to write a final degree thesis in cooperation with Austria Juice?

Yes, there is the possibility to write a final degree thesis in cooperation with Austria Juice. However, please note that Austria Juice will not announce thesis topics. If you did already decide on a specific topic, please get in contact with the responsible HR Manager. They will forward your request to the appropriate department at Austria Juice.

How can I get additional information concerning a vacant position?

Thanks to our decades of experience in fruit processing and our extensive know-how in the field of product development, we can help you realise tailor-made product solutions, individually designed to your requirements.

Are my documents/personal data treated confidentially?

Of course, we will treat all your information confidentially and will not forward it to third parties. An exception is the forwarding of an application within the Austria Juice Group as well as to HR Consultants who were assigned to a specific vacancy by us. Certainly, our HR Consultants are also bound to the confidentiality agreement.


HR Contacts

Austria - Vienna
Nadia Talasinos
Director of Human Resources

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Raiffeisenplatz 1
1020 Wien

Austria - Kröllendorf
Günther Spreitzer
Human Resources Manager

Kröllendorf 45
3365 Allhartsberg

Markus Huber
Human Resources Manager

Am Ockenheimer Graben 6
55411 Bingen am Rhein

Sylwia Dopieralska
Human Resources Manager

AUSTRIA JUICE Poland Sp.z.o.o.
ul. Kolejowa 31
22-100 Chelm

Anna Kryvolap
Human Resources Manager

Serhii Zulinskyi street 32
21022 Vinnitsa

Marina Tiron
Manager Assistant

Manager Assistant
AUSTRIA JUICE Romania s.r.l.
Strada Metalurgiei no 3
730234 Vaslui

Larry Li
Managing Director

AGRANA Juice (Xianyang) Co.Ltd.
Xilan Dajie Nanduan
713400 Shaanxi Provinc

Mihaly Ulveczki
Managing Director Finance

Vasarosnameny Nyiregyhazi.,ut 27.
4800 Hungary


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