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Key advantages for distribution partners


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The steadily growing food and beverage industry is characterized by dynamism and intense competition. In an era where customer demands are increasing and product cycles are being shortened, while markets are more global than ever before, selecting the right distribution partners is becoming a critical component to the success of companies in this industry.

At AUSTRIA JUICE, we are convinced that these challenges can be overcome more effectively by working together in partnership. In cooperation with our distributors, we create a win-win situation that enables each partner to strengthen their market position and be successful together.

AUSTRIA JUICE distributors worldwide are an integral part of our efficient supply chain for beverage ingredients, flavours, fruit juice concentrates and fruit wines. Together, we ensure continuous security of supply and thus the success of our customers. These distributors are important strategic partners for us, expanding our sales network. With their expertise in importing, storing and transporting goods, they support producers and help save resources and time in terms of sustainability.

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The benefits that our distributors experience by partnering with AUSTRIA JUICE, are stated as follows:

  1. Expansion of the product portfolio: By working with Austria Juice, distributors can expand their product portfolio, position themselves as a one-stop-shop and retain customers with a diverse range of products in the long term.

  2. Long-term success through new products: In order to be successful in the food and beverage industry in the long term, a partnership with Austria Juice as a supplier of new products is crucial. The local presence and business conduct in the local language enable Austria Juice to operate closer to the market and support customer acquisition, retention and customer service on site.

  3. Access to Austria Juice's expertise: Austria Juice's decades of expertise in flavourings, fruit juice concentrates and various beverage raw materials provide distributors with valuable know-how. Austria Juice supports its sales partners through product training, joint customer visits and the provision of tailor-made presentations and sales concepts.

  4. Trustworthy image transfer: Distribution partners benefit from Austria Juice's positive image and expertise, which leads to a trust-building effect among customers.

  5. Combination of minimum order quantities: As a distributor of Austria Juice, orders can be processed through combined quantities, making it easier to achieve minimum order quantities. This improves lead times for orders for local customers.

  6. Better bargaining power and higher profitability: Distributors who purchase for multiple customers benefit from better quote prices and lower freight costs, resulting in a higher margin.

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How to become a distributor

Together with its distributors, AUSTRIA JUICE pursues the goal of ensuring the success of its customers. We cordially invite you to become a distribution partner of AUSTRIA JUICE and expand your business opportunities together. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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Contact us today to recap the benefits of being a distribution partner.


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