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Flavour Trends 2020: What tastes best now!


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The trend research also shows changes in the flavour area - regardless of whether in non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages. The Flavour Trends 2020 will still be determined by "Botanicals": These plant deriving additions come from e.g. herbs, seeds, flowers or roots and not only provides the taste twist, but also the health benefit. Citrus flavours as well as nostalgic brown flavours such as cookies, spekulatius or caramel will also determine the tastes in the food & beverage world.

Flavour Trends Ingredients

In all areas of life, people from the "adventure society" are looking for new stimuli and intense suggestions outside - whether in business self-actualization, in leisure time or in the world of tastes.

Everything, just not boring!

According to Nielsen, only eight percent of consumers worldwide claim to be product-loyal, and the majority "always likes to try new things" when shopping.

Variety is required: 40 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds stated that they now visit a greater variety of restaurants than two years ago and 80 percent of those questioned stated that they "are actively looking for new taste regularly".

Functional Plus & good taste

The balancing act between adventure with maximum stimulation outside and total retreat to yourself, e.g. through meditation, yoga or with the help of digital detox, creates the new feelings of the young generation´s happiness. These trends are reflected in the beverage market, and so today's drinks should not only surprise with new taste combinations, but also score with different effects for body, mind and psyche: Depending on requirements, consumers want them to have special ingredients which support digestion, make the skin more radiant, increase concentration, activate love life, improve sleep, calm the nerves or accelerate muscle growth through a higher protein content, etc.
Effects like these can come partly from flavours, but above all from additives.

Flavour Trends 2020: This is now well received

In the future, the following ingredients will determine the top food & beverage sellers:

The full bloom

Flowers are still the stars in the beverage heaven - especially in combination with fruits. Lavender and rose blossoms are increasingly finding their place in the recipes of beverages: the essential oils contained have a calming and balancing effect on the organism.

In addition, we are increasingly finding orange blossom, jasmine and hibiscus on the ingredient lists. With the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Japanese cherry blossom is coming into the spotlight. The cherry blossom is said to promote relaxation and healthy sleep - healthy sleep is an issue that is becoming a new positioning factor in the beverage industry regarding the increasing sleep disorders among the population.

The elderflower is also experiencing a revival: it reminds us of grandma's homemade elderflower syrup and thus products with summer bloom according to Datassential have achieved 91 percent growth worldwide over the past four years.

Flavour Trends Roseflower bottle

Earthy flavours

Herbs, spices, mushrooms and roots with an earthy character will find their way more and more into beverage bottles, yogurt and other foods, as they have particularly positive effects on the body and the psyche. Think of turmeric, maca, ginseng, green tea leaves, ashwagandha, cinnamon, hemp or cardamom: many recipes for earthy flavours relate to the basic assumptions of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

From sweet to sour

Sour notes ideally round off the sweet notes, which is why different citrus fruits come out big in all variations. Now it can be original and tangy: the classics such as orange, grapefruit and lemon are joined by pink grapefuit, lime, yuzu, mandarin, pomelo, kumquat, kaffir lime and the kaffir lime leaf.

Make your own taste!

As a contrast to all the health-promoting ingredients, flavours that evoke nostalgic feelings are once again very popular - including brown flavours such as caramel, birthday cakes or cookies. Variants of simple, natural and creative drinks in homemade style are now hip again! 

The megatrend “individualization” also means that many products across all industries no longer come off the shelf, but are put together by consumers themselves according to their own taste and preferences. The rise of online shopping supports this trend: It makes assembling personalized products on demand easier than ever!

AUSTRIA JUICE has responded to this trend with the versatile Flavour Drops: available in a wide variety of flavours such as "apple pie", "strawberry" or "spekulatius", the consumer can stir them in yogurt, porridge or water and so do whatever he likes in order to conjure his own taste experience!


Health, well-being and exceptional taste experiences with plenty of variety on the food & beverage shelves are at the top of consumers' wish lists for their favorite product. Botanicals such as herbs, flowers, spices or roots will be find as ingredients in drinks. In addition to citrus and brown flavours, flavours from foreign cultures are in vogue: exciting, new and interesting tastes bring the “kick” and convince consumers who are always looking for something new!


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