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Flavour Trends 2024: What consumers prefer!


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The year 2024 is also characterized by exciting trends in terms of taste. This year, versatility and contrasts come together, creating a wide range of product possibilities. The spectrum ranges from floral aromas to a fusion of international specialties to nostalgic tastes in a modern melange.

This year, the Beverage Trends 2024 are characterized by creative Flavour compositions and innovative approaches that could hardly be more different. Consumers are inspired by an eclectic spectrum of taste trends that take the senses on an unparalleled journey. From flowery temptations to the realisation of bold ideas to a harmonious mix of traditional delights and modern creations – the beverage landscape of 2024 promises many new possibilities and particularly creative taste experiences that can uniquely combine old and new, near and far. Now it's time for your creativity!

On the one hand, as in the previous year, consumers are looking for exciting taste experiences and are willing to try out new Flavour combinations, on the other hand, nostalgic, classic flavors are in demand, as they symbolize reliability and comfort. In general, strong, nostalgic as well as exotic aromas and "botanicals" will continue to be important.

Soft Drinks: Fruit Flavour in
the Lead Last year's soft drink launches, fruit led the way, while floral and spice flavours increased and vanilla, dessert, alcohol-inspired and nut flavours entered the market. In the segment of fruit flavours, the subcategory "Citrus" was once again in the lead in the Soft Drink Trends, followed by berries and summer fruits, orchard fruits, exotic fruits, superfruits and melon flavours. Alcohol-inspired flavours are becoming increasingly important for the non-alcoholic beverage industry due to the trend towards alcohol reduction. AUSTRIA JUICE has also recognized this trend and developed a white wine extract that complements the diverse flavour portfolio.

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Alcoholic beverages are also getting more creative in term of taste: After all, flavoured alcoholic beverages accounted for an average of 82 percent of global launches of flavoured alcoholic beverages and hard seltzers in the period from April 2022 to September 2023.

Apart from the top 5 flavours of lemonade, cola, passion fruit, pina colada, and red raspberry, the other flavours that are becoming increasingly popular in the segment of flavoured alcoholic beverages during the period April 2023 to September 2023 are lime, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, orange, and peach.

So, let's take an in-depth look at the standout trends summarized by Innova Market Insights as follows: "Floral Fascination," "Indulge Imagination," "Vintage Vibes and Modern Bites," "Local Delights," and "Savour the Contrast." One thing is certain: the taste innovations of the coming months will not only delight you, but also surprise you.

Floral fascination

Flowers and blossoms are the focus of this year's botanicals. The integration of herbs, spices and flowers such as chamomile, hibiscus, peach blossom and lavender gives drinks an unmistakable elegance and surprising nuances. The careful balance between these floral elements allows for a harmonious flavour profile that can be not only refreshing but also balancing. This trend not only reflects an appreciation for natural ingredients, but also relies on the subtle power of nature to add a natural and flavourful dimension to beverages.

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Globally, one in three consumers say they have been looking for floral tastes in beverages in the last year. The fastest-growing beverages were those with flowers (+8.4 percent CAGR), herbs (+7.1 percent CAGR) and spices (+5.6 percent CAGR). Among the flowers, chamomile came out on top with an increase of 33 percent, peach blossom with 23 percent and honeysuckle with 19 percent. Market research has shown that consumers tend to associate floral aromas with "good for the environment" and "good for health".

"Fantasy Drinks": Immersion in the Imagination

The "Indulge in Imagination" trend is adding a refreshing and creative dimension to the beverage industry in 2024 by appealing to consumers' imaginations. While visual stimuli are becoming increasingly important, companies are increasingly focusing on the design of packaging and product concepts that attract attention and inspire the imagination of consumers. On international markets, colorful "mystery drinks" are conquering the scene, which are provided with mysterious question marks and whose exact taste is only revealed after the bottle has been opened by the enjoyment of the drink. This approach not only creates an exciting expectation, but also encourages us to experience taste as an unexpected and exciting journey of discovery.
In addition, the product concept increasingly plays with colors and images, ranging from rainbows and galactic inspirations to spooky stories about Halloween and dream worlds. The fusion of beverages with a visual narrative allows consumers to indulge not only the palate but also the imagination.
The average annual growth of such beverages was plus 23 percent in 2023. The fastest-growing "fantasy tastes" were "Rainbow" with +141 percent, "Cosmic" with +20 percent and "Dream" with +18 percent. Above all, Gen Z and Millennials are the top target audience for these new "fantasy drinks" due to their curiosity about new tastes. Other "fantasy flavours" that have conquered the market in recent years have been "Arctic White", "Meta Moon", "Unicorn" and "Ultra Blue". Beverage manufacturers can therefore be bold and creative to reach this target group. 

Nostalgia with a new twist

The "Vintage Vibes and Modern Bites" trend catapults the beverage industry into a nostalgic journey through time in 2024, reviving nostalgia and memories of yesteryear in a modern way. A full 44 percent say that traditional and nostalgic flavours influence their food and drink choices.

Today, the modern, ever faster moving world seems to be characterized by a longing for authenticity and familiarity, and so even timeless taste experiences are experiencing a revival.

The fusion of classic products with contemporary preferences opens up a new range of beverages that not only evoke the past, but also expand the modern horizon of taste. In addition, timeless tastes are making a comeback, with traditional products getting a modern twist. The combination of tried-and-tested flavours with innovative approaches makes it possible to create a harmonious bridge between past and present in order to create new, exciting taste experiences.

In terms of fruity aromas, peach will accompany us this year in different variations. This is thanks to the Pantone Color of the year, which today represents a delicate peach shade with "Peach Fuzz"At AUSTRIA JUICE, there are different flavour profiles of peach flavours to choose from – from juicy and fruity to ripe and creamy to floral, skinny and green.

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From local to global

The "Local Delights" trend is changing the culinary landscape of the beverage industry by creating a fusion of local and international flavours. This flavour trend is characterised by an inspired mix of global influences and regional specialities in a harmonious symbiosis. Beverage manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the integration of international taste experiences into local products, resulting in creative, novel products.

This is in line with consumer demand, as globally, two out of three consumers say they are open to trying new tastes from other countries. On the other hand, 54 percent say that familiar tastes in particular have the greatest influence on their choice of beverages. 43 percent are increasingly on the lookout for new, international flavours. This also opens up the possibility of combining the familiar with the new in one product.

This year, the "Local Delights" continue to open up a world of fusion, where flavours from different parts of the world meet local ingredients. Whether by combining exotic spices with local fruits or combining international herbs with native plants – "Local Delights" create a rich, multi-layered symphony of tastes.

The international experts at AUSTRIA JUICE observe the trends and respond to market requirements in the development of new extracts. This creates exciting aromas and hay notes such as kale extract or exotic-fruity tiger lemon extract.

Celebrating the contrasts

The "Savour the Contrast" trend goes beyond the ordinary and invites you to indulge in adventurous flavours. In this exploration, the focus is on intensifying the experience of diverse flavours that intersect in sometimes unexpected ways.

In these new contrasts, the sweet meets the savoury and salty and the sour meets the savoury. This trend opens up the possibilities to experiment with unconventional combinations and offer consumers a sensual adventure. By playing with contrasts, multi-sensory taste creations are created. Consumers love it: 49 percent of consumers worldwide say that they have deliberately targeted products with intense and novel flavours.


From floral flavours that bring nature into our drinks, to the creative fusion of international influences and local specialties, to a successful fusion of nostalgia and modern zeitgeist – the beverage landscape shows its innovative and traditional side at the same time.

The "Floral Fascination" brings a harmonious balance of herbs, spices and flowers, such as chamomile, peach blossom and lavender, which are not only refreshing, but also elegant and balancing. "Indulge in Imagination" uses visual stimuli and imagination to inspire consumers through colorful mystery drinks and creative product concepts. "Vintage Vibes and Modern Bites" brings the past into the here and now with a nostalgic melange of timeless taste experiences, while "Local Delights" creates a rich, multi-layered symphony of flavours with a fusion of global influences and regional specialties. Finally, "Savour the Contrast" invites you to get involved in adventurous aromas and to experience a multi-sensory explosion of flavours through the deliberate emphasis on opposites.

The challenge for the beverage industry is to find the balance between novelty and familiarity to meet the needs of a broad audience. AUSTRIA JUICE can support this and develop tailor-made product concepts for the beverage industry depending on requirements and market conditions. The range ranges from beverages with natural, fruity FTNF aromas and extracts to exotic, trendy flavours to expand your portfolio.


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